Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Searching on network drive gives no results.

One of my more recent challenges was a report from one of our users that she was receiving incorrect results when searching a network resource (that happened to be across the country on our WAN) with XP Pro.

In this case the user was in DC and the resource was in WA state. Oddly I was able to reproduce the issue from WA state by attempting to search for files that I know existed on the DC server, however, the result was "Search is complete. There are no results to display".

My hunch was that something was timing out and causing the search to quit. Maybe the cross country network latency.

ANSWER: With a carefully crafted google search I finally discovered a workaround. According to Microsoft KB928885 the search function will time out if the resource does not respond fast enough and tell you that there are no results.

By checking the 'search tape backup' box under advanced settings, I was able to successfully search my network resource.

The solution steps from MS:

Method 1: "More advanced options" is available
If More advanced options appears in the Search by any or all of the criteria below task pane, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Search.
2. In the What do you want to search for? task pane, click All files and folders.
3. In the Search by any or all of the criteria below task pane, click More advanced options, and then click to select the Search tape backup check box.

Method 2: "More advanced options" is not available
If More advanced options does not appear in the Search by any or all of the criteria below task pane, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Search.
2. In the What do you want to search for? task pane, click Change preferences.
3. In the How do you want to use Search Companion? task pane, click Change files and folders search behavior.
4. Under Choose the default files and folders search behavior, click Advanced, and then click OK.
5. In the Search by any or all of the criteria below task pane, click More advanced options.
6. Click to select the Search tape backup check box.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

The TKIP part of WPA has been cracked!!

UPDATE: Here are a few more details...
1) WEP is flawed
2) TKIP is (based on and) backward compatible with WEP, found to carry a similar flaw
3) Therefore, WPA inherits a WEP flaw if allowing TKIP communication

An attack currently depends upon:
1) TKIP used for client to AP
2) known IPv4 range (e.g. 192.168.0.X)
3) long re-keying interval (e.g. 3600 sec)
4) IEEE 802.11e QoS
5) client connected to the network

The authors offer a short re-key cycle as a workaround, which already is a best practice.


This is 'late' news, however, I felt it was important enough to share. The wireless security protocol WPA w/ TKIP has now been cracked. Researchers by the name of Erik Tews and Martin Beck were the ones to do the cracking, finding a way to break the temporary Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) in under 15 minutes. They haven't, however, figured out how to gain access to the data that travels between the PC and the router, so that's a plus.

Of course, there are limitations: Apparently, the data sent from a connected device to the compromised router is still safe. But anything headed down the information highway in the opposite direction? Wide open.

So what should you do to secure your network? Switch to WPA2, which is still uncracked for the time being.

The other option if you must use WPA for your xBox or other wireless devices that don't allow WPA2, is to use WPA with the option of using AES instead of TKIP option.

For me personally, however, it better to just accept the fact that NO network traffic is totally safe. Your best defense is to be wise about WHAT you enter and WHERE you enter it on the internet.



Sunday, November 02, 2008

Multimedia Loudspeaker test

In the process of repairing my laptop speakers, I needed to determine if I was connecting them up 'in phase' or 'out of phase'. Or in other words, the + wire was going to the + terminal on both speakers.

This is particularly hard to do if your terminals AND wires are not clearly marked.

Here is a site that has some .mp3s of audio clips with in phase and out of phase sounds as well as frequency sweeps and test tones. Very handy for that audiophile 'n you.

Multimedia Loudspeaker test


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Firefox Themes: Ten Firefox Themes as Dark as Your Soul

Here are some additional 'dark' Firefox themes. For now I've settled on Aero Fox.

Firefox Themes: Ten Firefox Themes as Dark as Your Soul

Courtesy of


Monday, October 27, 2008

Syslinux boot local harddisk

Nothing too crazy about this one. I was working on a USB boot disk that boots a syslinux menu and I wanted/needed a menu item that would attempt to boot from the local hard disk.

This is what I came up with.

LABEL bootlocal
MENU LABLE Boot local hard disk
localboot 0


You'll notice after the local boot is a 0 (zero). Sometimes on computers that have a recovery partition as 0 you may get an error. The answer in this case would be to try localboot 1 or localboot 2 and see if you get better results.

Still learning...


FDE on Dell e6400

Problem: Unable to enable FDE (Full Disk Encryption) on re-imaged Dell e6400 laptop. The settings button is grayed out and there is no option to encrypt the drive, only password restrict access to the drive.

Solution: Make sure that your SATA drive mode in the BIOS is set to AHCI or ATA. IRRT will not allow the WAVE systems FDE module to be configured.

The Story: After fighting with this for many days and finally surrendering my pride and chatting online with Dell support with no results, I emailed Wave Systems (the makers of the Wave Security Suite products included in Dells) and they promptly responded by email advising me that the only supported SATA modes are legacy ATA and AHCI.



Sunday, October 26, 2008

The dark (theme) side of Firefox - Mozilla Links

I've had recently developed a love for 'dark themes'. Both on my desktop and now in my Firefox.

Check out some nice looking, dark, Firefox themes here The dark (theme) side of Firefox - Mozilla Links


CD-R Media comparison RiData vs. Memorex


Think all CDR media is the same?? Think again. I have repeatedly had problems with Memorex media on multiple burners.

One media that I have found to be cheap and extremely reliable is media by RiData and I prefer to purchase it in bulk from

During a recent XP installation I was getting some odd errors and after three tries I realized it was bad CD-R media (Memorex was all I had at the time)

To support my point, I just happened to notice the 'transparency' difference between the RiData and Memorex media as seen in the photo above.

I suspect that my 'writing' on the Memorex disk was causing read issues.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

VBS to query AD

Problem: I need to get an excel spreadsheet with a list of computer names and their descriptions.

~Use VBS script to query AD and output all fields for computer objects to .txt file with ; between items
~Open .txt file with excel type software and have it sort using the ; as delimiters.



VBS AD query script

~Copy the text below into your favorite text editor and save as adquery.vbs file
~Run from command prompt: cscript adquery.vbs > output.txt
~You can remove some of the output fields if you don't need all of the fields in your outpu file.
This section controls the output:
wscript.echo strNTName & ";" & strCanonical & ";" & strDN _
& ";" & strDesc & ";" & strRole & ";" & strManaged _
& ";" & strLocation & ";" & strOS & ";" & strOSVer _
& ";" & strSP & ";" & strCreated & ";" & strChanged

* note that the _ is used as a 'line break' character. It's only needed at the end of a line if the command needs to continue onto the next line down. Remove as necessary.
Option Explicit

Dim objRootDSE, strDNSDomain, adoCommand, adoConnection
Dim strBase, strFilter, strAttributes, strQuery, adoRecordset
Dim strNTName, lngUSN, arrCanonical, strCanonical
Dim strDN, strDesc, strRole, strManaged, strOS, strOSVer
Dim strSP, strLocation, strCreated, strChanged

' Determine DNS domain name.
Set objRootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://RootDSE")
strDNSDomain = objRootDSE.Get("defaultNamingContext")

' Use ADO to search Active Directory.
Set adoCommand = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
Set adoConnection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
adoConnection.Provider = "ADsDSOObject"
adoConnection.Open "Active Directory Provider"
adoCommand.ActiveConnection = adoConnection

' Search entire domain.
strBase = ""

' Filter on computer object.
strFilter = "(objectCategory=computer)"

' Comma delimited list of attributes.
strAttributes = "sAMAccountName,canonicalName,distinguishedName," _
& "description,machineRole,managedBy,operatingSystem," _
& "location,operatingSystemVersion,operatingSystemServicePack," _
& "whenCreated,whenChanged"

' Construct LDAP syntax query.
strQuery = strBase & ";" & strFilter & ";" & strAttributes & ";subtree"

' Execute the query.
adoCommand.CommandText = strQuery
adoCommand.Properties("Page Size") = 100
adoCommand.Properties("Timeout") = 30
adoCommand.Properties("Cache Results") = False
Set adoRecordset = adoCommand.Execute

' Enumerate the recordset and display values.
Do Until adoRecordset.EOF
strNTName = adoRecordset.Fields("sAMAccountName").Value
arrCanonical = adoRecordset.Fields("canonicalName").Value
strCanonical = arrCanonical(0)
strDN = adoRecordset.Fields("distinguishedName").Value
Dim arrDesc
arrDesc = adoRecordset.Fields("description").Value
If (TypeName(arrDesc) = "Variant()") Then
strDesc = arrDesc(0)
strDesc = ""
End If
strRole = adoRecordset.Fields("machineRole").Value
strManaged = adoRecordset.Fields("managedBy").Value
strLocation = adoRecordset.Fields("location").Value
strOS = adoRecordset.Fields("operatingSystem").Value
strOSVer = adoRecordset.Fields("operatingSystemVersion").Value
strSP = adoRecordset.Fields("operatingSystemServicePack").Value
strCreated = adoRecordset.Fields("whenCreated").Value
strChanged = adoRecordset.Fields("whenChanged").Value
wscript.echo strNTName & ";" & strCanonical & ";" & strDN _
& ";" & strDesc & ";" & strRole & ";" & strManaged _
& ";" & strLocation & ";" & strOS & ";" & strOSVer _
& ";" & strSP & ";" & strCreated & ";" & strChanged

' Clean up.
Set objRootDSE = Nothing
Set adoCommand = Nothing
Set adoConnection = Nothing
Set adoRecordset = Nothing


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SQL Quick Reference

I was working on some VBS coding yesterday and came across this nice side for sorting out VB command syntax.

SQL Quick Reference


Monday, October 13, 2008

PocketMod: The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer

Here's a cool application that will allow you to customize and print a small compact 'paper / pen' organizer.

Great for those of us who simple just want to write it down.

PocketMod: The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer


12 sided calendar

Ever just get board and want to cut and glue something?? This is a fun way to spend your work 'break' time making a 12 sided desk calendar.

Took me about 10min and makes for fun desktop art.

12 sided calendar


Wednesday, October 08, 2008 {beta}: Save money and the environment printing only what you like.

If you've ever attempted to print a website, you're likly less than impressed at the results.

Check out this web service that will help you print 'just what you like' from any web site. Simply enter the URL and it will load the page and allow you to 'highlight' the sections you want to print.

Check it out!! {beta}: Save money and the environment printing only what you like.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Geek to Live: Back up Gmail with fetchmail

I'll admit, I'm a Google fanatic. I use most of their services and I've been very happy with it.

It is easy however, to forget that the more I transition/create my digital life solely withing Google, I run the risk of major headache and heartache if they decide to make changes that are not in my favor. Or at a minimum, my email account is lost or unavailable. Neither of which has ever happened and I doubt it will... but it could.

The first thing that comes to mind is the importance of backup. I have learned (the hard way) just how important a good backup is and it seems only natural that we take our email just as serious.

One way to backup/archive your email would be to use a 'locally' installed email application like Thunderbird or Outlook. Turn on your POP3 or IMAP under the settings tab of your gmail and then configure your email client to download your email.

While I have not tried it yet, I ran across a product called Fetchmail which is an open source utility that will retrieve all email via POP3 from your email account.

Checkout this great 'how-to' from the great folks over at

Geek to Live: Back up Gmail with fetchmail


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Text Select cursor disappears in VM

I helped a co-worker with this one today...

Problem: When running XP in VM Player or VM Server on VISTA, the mouse pointer disappears anytime it's placed over a word doc or text field.

Solution: Change the mouse pointer icon that is used for Text Select.

Go to Control Panel / Mouse / Pointers (tab), scroll down and highlight Text Select and click Browse.

Now choose a different icon to be used for text selection.

I suspect that it's related to the VM screen resolution and that the default I-Beam is too thin within the VM.


Step By Step: How to Use Custom Windows Visual Styles

If you've gotten tired of the drab gray or blue XP theme, take a look at what you're missing. A few steps will allow you to use 'non-microsoft' XP themes.

Step By Step: How to Use Custom Windows Visual Styles


Friday, September 26, 2008

Universal Imaging Utility Error: U02099

We use this great Universal Imaging Utility at work called UiU by BigBang software. This is an application that when used in conjunction with your hard drive imaging software (i.e. Symantec Ghost, Altiris, ZenWorks, etc.) creates a disk image that can be successfully deployed to nearly any PC in your environment. A single Universal Image can now be deployed to desktops and laptops alike, regardless of HAL type, processor, PC make or model. Maintaining individual images for PCs from Dell, HP, IBM, etc. is no longer required. .

In short, it saves a massive driver database to the harddrive and then syspreps it for you. Once it shuts down you then use your favorite image utility to capture the 'universal image' that can be used on other pcs.

Today I had an error U02099 when attempting to run in on my latest 'base' image. Searches revealed nothing so I tried a few things and it turns out that the computer you are working on should have internet access when running the UiU process.

I simply plugged it into our ISP direct circuit and it's running as normal.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beam pics from camera to computer with Eye-Fi 2GB SD card, $59 shipped | The Cheapskate - CNET News

Beam pics from camera to computer with Eye-Fi 2GB SD card, $59 shipped | The Cheapskate - CNET News: "By now you've probably heard of Eye-Fi, the Wi-Fi-enabled SD memory card that wirelessly beams photos from your camera to your PC. When it first came out last year, I thought it was overpriced at $99--but now you can scoop up an Eye-Fi Home card for just $59 shipped."

courtesy of


Monday, September 22, 2008

net-runna Vista Preparation Tool

I haven't had the joy of trying to create an 'image' of Vista for distribution within my organization yet... but the day is coming.

One thing I know so far is that the Vista boot record is "new" so you will no longer be able to use your old/trusty Ghost 8 and such without 'extra' work.

The tool below claims to make it easier, however, again i have not tested it yet. I'll let you know when I get there.

net-runna Vista Preparation Tool: "This utility will prepare your Windows Vista installation so that imaging tools such as net-runna Enterprise will be able to clone it. After using the Preparation tool on a Vista system, it should remain 'cloneable' from that point onwards."


How to Build a Potato Gun - Design and Construction

I ran across this nice write up about how to make an excellent Potato Gun. Now i just have to convince the "Mrs." ;-)

How to Build a Potato Gun - Design and Construction -


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful Beta: Super Peek-A-Boo Posts

Beautiful Beta: Super Peek-A-Boo Posts: "Super Peek-A-Boo posts: you can expand them from summary to full post, collapse them, and if you don't have a post summary in a particular post, the 'Read More...' and 'Collapse' links will not show up in your post."


Friday, September 19, 2008

Intel 82567 Bart PE XPE network drivers

Problem: Latest Dell laptop with Intel 82567 network card will not recognize network card when Bart PE or XPE is loaded.

Information from this forum helped me get the correct drivers in the correct location.

Good luck!

Intel 82567 - The CD Forum


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DualScreen Wallpaper

Here's a nice site to pick up some wallpaper that will look nice on those dual monitors of yours. I'm still working to figure out how to get one background image to span across both screens. I'll keep you posted...

DualScreen Wallpaper


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mythbusting: Debunking Common Windows Performance Tweaking Myths

Seems like every day there is new software that claims to speed up your computer. Whether it's memory manager software, or registry cleaners, or ect...

The great site put together a "Tweaking Myths" article that helps sort out the various 'tune up' techniques that are marketed and if they really make a difference.

Mythbusting: Debunking Common Windows Performance Tweaking Myths


Please excuse the dust...

Please excuse the 'dust' as I work on the design of this blog...


Sunday, September 14, 2008

How To Master Photoshop In Just One Week

I ran across this site that offer's online Photoshop courses for free. If you have either a desire to learn more about Photoshop techniques and some time, you might find it useful. I clicked through a few pages and will definitely go through it when I can find some extra time...

If you take the course, please come back and let me know what you think.

How To Master Photoshop In Just One Week


Hack your blogger...

I'm a person who is always wondering... "How can I 'hack' this to get more??" I asked that question last night and found a nice 'wiki' that has different tricks you can do with your blogger blog.

Click the post heading and check it out...


Thursday, September 11, 2008 - Internet DSL Speedtest

Internet Speed Tests seem to be a 'dime a dozen' these days. This one seems to be fairly thorough, requires no installation, and if it's true they have 50k different servers around the world, you're likely to get a fairly accurate result.

I recommend running at least 2 or 3 different speed test sites if you want an accurate measurement.

Speakeasy has had a speed test up for years and I like how they let you specify different server locations around the US. - Internet DSL Speedtest


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Maps 'n Trails - free maps for Garmin GPS, Tools and more

More free maps for a Garmin GPS. This site helps you find various free Garmin maps that people have created. It's a clean site with links to maps all over the world.

Maps 'n Trails - free maps for Garmin GPS, Tools and more



Since we're talking about antennas... here is a site that will help you aim your TV antenna for best reception. Enter your address and it will tell you where the tv broadcast towers are for channels that serve your area. You'll still probibly have to do the "is that better?? How about now??, How about that??" game with someone to really dial in the best position for your antenna. However, it if some of your channels come from 'very' different locations, it helps to know why.



AntennaSearch - Search for Cell Towers, Cell Reception, Hidden Antennas and more.

Ever wonder where the cell towers are around you?? Or, if you're like me, I already know the towers because I look for them, now I'm curious who's they are.

This site helps you answer those questions... It's not 'exhaustive' however, it's more than I knew before.

AntennaSearch - Search for Cell Towers, Cell Reception, Hidden Antennas and more.


How can I tell which Domain Controller I am authenticating from a Windows XP workstation?

How can I tell which Domain Controller I am authenticating from a Windows XP workstation?:

Set objDomain = GetObject("LDAP://rootDSE")
strDC = objDomain.Get("dnsHostName")
Wscript.Echo "Authenticating domain controller: " & strDC


Workstation Name Changer

Problem: I need a way to script a rename of a xp workstation. I need to be able to use alternate credentials, use the ASSET tag from BIOS as the name, AND I want it to update it's name in AD as well.

Solution: I found this very handy application that will take care of pulling up the ASSET tag and updating the computer name locally and in AD. I can even use alternate credentials in the command line so that the rename in Active Directory will take place even if the user logging in does not have the rights to make those changes.

The program is called WSName and can be found here If the site is down you can download the program from here. Click here for documentation.

So, my setup is set to use a random name during sysprep/mini setup and then I have a 'postscript.bat' file that runs during the first logon that calls the wsname.exe with appropriate variables.

The Result: During the first login the computers will retrieve their service tags from BIOS and rename the computer locally and in AD. It's a beautiful thing. ;-)


Notes 8.0.1 on USB NOMAD mode

Here is a script that will allow you to install Lotus Notes 8.0.1 onto a USB drive and run it from there. It's called 'NOMAD' mode and this script just makes the 'setup.exe command line' easier to use.

Save the text to a plain text .bat file and when run it will prompt for your USB drive letter and when finished create some shortcuts in the root of your USB drive.

You will have to get the Lotus 8.0.1 install software from your local friendly IT administrators...

@echo off
Echo It is strongly recommended to install Lotus Notes to an encrypted partition on your thumbdrive. Please call the ISG Helpdesk with any questions.

Echo Please enter your USB drive letter... (without :) and press ENTER
set /p USBLETTER=*If you have an encrypted volume, please mount the volume first and use the volume drive letter. DRIVE=

\\(install file location)\setup.exe /a /v"NOMAD=1 TARGETDIR=%USBLETTER%:\ /qb+"

echo @echo off > %USBLETTER%:\RunNotes.bat
echo cd \program files\ibm\lotus\notes\ >> %USBLETTER%:\RunNotes.bat
echo start nlnotes.exe >> %USBLETTER%:\RunNotes.bat
echo exit >> %USBLETTER%:\RunNotes.bat

echo @echo off > %USBLETTER%:\RunNotesDesigner.bat
echo cd \program files\ibm\lotus\notes\ >> %USBLETTER%:\RunNotesDesigner.bat
echo start designer.exe >> %USBLETTER%:\RunNotesDesigner.bat
echo exit >> %USBLETTER%:\RunNotesDesigner.bat

echo Use the RunNotes.bat file to start notes from your USB.
echo HAVE FUN!!!



VBS script to collect user names and service tag

Here is a script I put together that will prompt for a computer name or IP address and if it's connected, it will provide you the serial number (Dell's service tag) and the list of users who have logged onto that computer.

Save as plain text .vbs

DIM strComputer
strComputer = UserInput( "Please computer name OR IP address" )
Function UserInput( myPrompt )
UserInput = InputBox( myPrompt )
End Function

'ping host
IF Ping(strComputer) = False then
Wscript.Echo "Computer " & strComputer & " does not appear to be on the network at this time. Script will quit."
end IF

Function Ping(strHost)

dim objPing, objRetStatus
set objPing = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}").ExecQuery _
("select * from Win32_PingStatus where address = '" & strHost & "'")

for each objRetStatus in objPing
IF IsNull(objRetStatus.StatusCode) or objRetStatus.StatusCode<>0 then
Ping = False
'WScript.Echo "Status code is " & objRetStatus.StatusCode
Ping = True
WScript.Echo "IP: " & objRetStatus.ProtocolAddress
end IF
End Function

'access the WMI service on the remote machine
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")

'return the BIOS serial number (aka service tag)
Set colBIOS = objWMIService.ExecQuery _
("Select * from Win32_BIOS")
For each objBIOS in colBIOS
Wscript.Echo "Serial Number: " & objBIOS.SerialNumber

Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")

Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery _
("Select * from Win32_NetworkLoginProfile")

For Each objItem in colItems
IF Len("Name: ") > 1 AND Left(objItem.Name, 5) = "WVUS\" Then
' Wscript.Echo "Full Name: " & objItem.FullName
Wscript.Echo "Name: " & objItem.Name
End if


ITSM Clear Cache .bat file

ITSM can be very picky about it's cache files and many times strange behavior or slowness can be helped by cleaning up the cache files. I just created the .bat file below to facilitate the process.

Create a new 'plain text' file, fill with text below and save as .bat

As with everything, use at your own risk and test it on a non-critical pc first.

@echo off
Echo Hello %Username%, This will clear your ITSM Cache!
Echo Make sure your ITSM Client is not running!
Echo (You will need to restart if you receive an
Echo error about a file or folder in use)
echo To cancel, close this window, otherwise

::cd "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files"
::if exist servicemanagementweb RD servicemanagementweb /S /Q
::if exist servicemanagement RD servicemanagement /S /Q
::if exist selfserviceweb RD selfserviceweb /S /Q
::if exist servicemanagementcrystalreportviewers RD servicemanagementcrystalreportviewers /S /Q
::goto COMMON

cd "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data"
if exist IsolatedStorage RD IsolatedStorage /S /Q
if exist assembly RD assembly /S /Q
if exist fusioncache.dat del fusioncache.dat /Q
if exist gdipfontcachev1.dat del gdipfontcachev1.dat /Q
CD applicationHistory
if exist bpsettingutility.exe.83f57c14.ini del bpsettingutility.exe.83f57c14.ini /Q
if exist orion.apploader.exe.3d349ee9.ini del orion.apploader.exe.3d349ee9.ini /Q
if exist adminloader.exe.12f73640.ini del adminloader.exe.12f73640.ini /Q

cd \
echo ITSM Cache Has Been Cleared!
Echo Press any key to exit.



ITSM Surveys

One of my recent challenges was to setup Survey Notifications in Frontrange ITSM. It was a slow uphill battle but succeeded and will post my solution.

This text assumes that you are familiar with ITSM, Business Rules, Triggers, Quick Actions and Expressions.

Hope it helps!

THE GOAL: On incident close, send a survey notification that will contain a link to an external web site. The notification should be sent every 5th incident closure and only to user's with emails that end in or If the email is blank or the user closing the incident is not a member of the Helpdesk team, no survey should be sent.


1) Create a quick action that will generate a notification email as required.
2) Create an expression script that will be used to constrain as required above when these email notifications are sent.

import System
import Fusion

import Fusion.Api
class FusionScriptWrapper implements IScriptWrapper {
function FusionScriptWrapper()
// place constructor logic here
function Process(currentBusinessObject :
Fusion.Api.BusinessObject, currentField : Fusion.Api.Field) : Object
var objReturn : Object
objReturn = false;
//the following script will return a value of true if
//text in email field is greater than 1 AND
//text in email field ends with AND
//incident ownerteam field = ISG Support AND
// Incidentnumber ends with 5 OR
// Incidentnumber ends with 1

(currentBusinessObject.GetField("Email").NativeValue.ToString().length > '1' &&
(currentBusinessObject.GetField("OwnerTeam").NativeValue == 'ISG Support' &&
(currentBusinessObject.GetField("Email").NativeValue.ToString().toLowerCase().Trim().EndsWith('') ||
currentBusinessObject.GetField("Email").NativeValue.ToString().toLowerCase().Trim().EndsWith('')) &&
(currentBusinessObject.GetField('IncidentNumber').NativeValue.ToString().Trim().EndsWith('5') ||
objReturn = true;
return objReturn

3) Create a trigger that will watch for incident status changed to closed and use the expression that was created above.

4) Finally create a Business Rule that combines the trigger and the QA.

5) Test, test, test...

Extra credit...

create 3 fields in profile employee
1)SurveyLastSent Date / Time field, display date only
2)SurveyMinSince (filed will be calculated with date calculation)
3)SurveyDaysSince (field will be calculated with jscript expression)
import System
import Fusion
import Fusion.Api
class FusionScriptWrapper implements IScriptWrapper
function FusionScriptWrapper()
// place constructor logic here
function Process(curBizObj : Fusion.Api.BusinessObject, currentField : Fusion.Api.Field) : Object
var objReturn : Object
var surveyminsince;
var surveydayssince;
surveyminsince = curBizObj.GetField("SurveyMinSince").NativeValue;
surveydayssince = (surveyminsince / 1440);
objReturn = surveydayssince;
return objReturn;
4) Modify QA to update profile employee SurveyLastSent date field with current date time
5) Update SendISGSurveyjscript to return true only if SurveyDaySince>30
import System
import Fusion
import Fusion.Api
class FusionScriptWrapper implements IScriptWrapper {
function FusionScriptWrapper()
// place constructor logic here
function Process(currentBusinessObject :
Fusion.Api.BusinessObject, currentField : Fusion.Api.Field) : Object
var objReturn : Object
objReturn = false;
(currentBusinessObject.GetField("Email").NativeValue.ToString().length > '1' &&
(currentBusinessObject.GetField("SurveyDaysSince").NativeValue.ToString().value > '1' &&
(currentBusinessObject.GetField("Email").NativeValue.ToString().toLowerCase().Trim().EndsWith('') &&
(currentBusinessObject.GetField("OwnerTeam").NativeValue == 'ISG Support' &&
(currentBusinessObject.GetField('IncidentNumber').NativeValue.ToString().Trim().EndsWith('5') ||
objReturn = true;
return objReturn
6) Add field to incident table 'SurveyDaysSince'
set to auto-fill
7) Test it. ;-)


Friday, September 05, 2008

Security: How to Set Up a Laptop Security System

Security: How to Set Up a Laptop Security System

In my 3 years of working in professional IT, it's amazing how often corporate laptops are stolen. LifeHacker once again creates a great article listing some excellent ways to secure your laptop. Check it out!!


LaptopLock: Data protection and recovery help for lost or stolen laptops (computer theft recovery)

LaptopLock: Data protection and recovery help for lost or stolen laptops (computer theft recovery)

LaptopLock protects the data and aids in the recovery process of a computer if it's stolen. The LaptopLock can:

  • Delete files (secure data wiping now available)
  • Encrypt files
  • Show a message to the user
  • Execute a program
  • Play a sound
  • Visible or hidden from user


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Donate your PC power for research...

Did you know you can 'share' your computer processing power to help find a cure for cancer? Or develop new drugs to fight things like AIDS? 

Simply download this software it will download 'projects' and work on small pieces of it. It's pretty cool because most of us use only a fraction of of our computer's potential. Check it out!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome

Well the big G has done it again...

They have 'rebuilt' the internet browser as we know it.  I'm not ready to jump ship from Firefox, however, it's very fast and I appreciate the different design.

Check it out, it's small and quick to install.

Update:  A few 'fine print' items in the Terms of Service to note.  (courtesey of editor

"1. Google reserves the right to automatically update and install Chrome.

This is becoming standard fare with much software these days, but worth noting.

 "The software which you use may automatically download and install updates from time to time from Google. These updates are designed to improve, enhance and further develop the services and may take the form of bug fixes, enhanced functions, new software modules and completely new versions. You agree to receive such updates (and permit Google to deliver these to you) as part of your use of the services."

2. Although you retain any copyrights to content you own and use in the browser, Google says it has a right to display some of your content, in conjunction with promoting its services. Here's there exact wording.

"By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the services and may be revoked for certain services as defined in the additional terms of those services."

3. Don't be surprised to see more ads.

Traditionally, it is Web pages and not the browser itself that serves ads. Google isn't saying it will change this paradigm, but it's terms of service don't rule that out either.

"Some of the services are supported by advertising revenue and may display advertisements and promotions. These advertisements may be targeted to the content of information stored on the services, queries made through the services or other information.

The manner, mode and extent of advertising by Google on the services are subject to change without specific notice to you."

Also worth paying attention to are the settings when you install it. By default, Chrome will add all manner of shortcuts, so if you don't want it to do that, be sure to click "customize these settings." Of note, it does not make itself the default browser without a user agreeing to do so."


Privnote - send notes that will self-destruct after being read

This day and age, ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING you type should be considered permanent record. As a result the need for the ability to sent 'self destructing messages' (just like James Bond) is becoming more of need.

Privnote provides just the solution. Without even needing a login, you go to the site, type your text and it will then create a 'link' that you then email with your email service to the recipient. After it's read it's destroyed and it can even let you know when that occurs.

Privnote - send notes that will self-destruct after being read



Super Grub Disk Webpage

So the other day I uninstalled Ubuntu (I just deleted the partition) which was installed on my pc as a dual boot setup. Meaning that when my PC booted, it prompted whether I wanted to boot into Ubuntu or XP. It was a really nice way to play with Ubuntu, however, I needed the hard drive space back so I simply deleted the Ubuntu partition.

Here's the problem, if you simply delete the Ubuntu partition, the 'boot manager' AKA GRUB that asks which OS to run, can no longer function and you simply get a black screen with blinking cursor.

There are at least two ways to fix this.

1) Insert your XP cd, boot to cd and then select Recovery option. At dos prompt type fdisk /fixmbr. Reboot and you should be good to go.

2) Use another utility such as Super Grub Disk Webpage to correct the MasterBootRecord and tell it to boot your XP partition.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

URL Encoding

URL Encoding

Need help with properly encoding your URL? Here is a nice resource. It also has a 'converter' at the bottom...


Monday, August 25, 2008 - Laptop Alarm - Home - Laptop Alarm - Home

Check out this 'free for personal use' application that when enabled will lock your computer and if things like 'ac power loss, or usb mouse unpluged, or mouse movement beyond set amount' occurs, a 'sub siren' type sound will be emitted at full volume.

Not bad for those of you who need a quick potty break while "working" at the local Starbucks, but I'm still not sure it's worth the risk of leaving it out of your sight. It might just cause the thief to run faster...


LocatePC, Free Theft Recovery Software for your PC

LocatePC, Free Theft Recovery Software for your PC

Here is a cool Free for personal use application that will email you if/when your IP address changes and/or every set number of days. Not bad for free!!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

For you T-Mo / Google Android fans...

Check out the skinny on the upcoming HTC Dream (aka, google android phone).


Friday, August 15, 2008

Totally Free Burner, 100% Free CD DVD Burning Software

Totally Free Burner, 100% Free CD DVD Burning Software


5min. How to buy a car without getting screwed...

Courtesy of

This guys is funny and has some really basic tips for buying a car. This is mostly 'new car' focused, however, even buying used, it has good tips.

Check it out...


Here's a nice hack for cheap 'button cell' batteries.

This video shows you how some batteries actually are sold with 'smaller' ones inside.

For instance an Engizer A23 actually has 8 small 394 cells in it.

Or some 9volts actually have 6 AAAs in them. Who knew??

12 Volt Battery Hack! You'll Be Surprised... - video powered by Metacafe


Friday, August 08, 2008

PESoft TinyResMeter

For those of us who can't rest without knowing things like your cpu load %, or your current HD free space, check out this simple, small application that will sit on your screen and provide you with these details and more.

If you subscribe to their newsletter you will gain some additional features. (not sure what they are yet ;-)

PESoft TinyResMeter


Monday, July 28, 2008

Lost Garmin Mapsource CD

If you're like me, it's tough to keep track of your software CDs. This habit gave me grief recently when I could not find my Garmin Mapsource CD. Mind you this was not the full version of MapSource, it was simply the light version that allows you to download/upload information to/from your GPS.

Well here's a trick. You can use a Mapsource 'update' file to do a full install of MapSource. (Just like using a windows XP upgrade disk to do a full install of XP)

1)Go to, support, updates and downloads, mapping software, and download the Mapsource Update
~Now if you try to simply run the downloaded file, you will get an error about not having the previous version installed. No worries...
2)Change the file extension of the downloaded file to .zip and extract to a folder.
3)Run setup.exe to install MapSource
4)Manually install at least one mapset. (see my post FREE Garmin Maps)

Mind you this is only recommended if you rightfully deserve to use this product. (ie. by purchasing a Garmin device)


Free Garmin GPS maps

Ibycus USA
Ibycus USA has generously donated a bunch of his time to producing FREE GPS maps that cover streets, water, and other data for most if not all of the US.
Currently you have to download the complete install package of almost a 1gig. But it's worth it. The installer will verify that all is well with the mapsets and then import them into Mapsource (Garmin's Map Installation Utility)

If you can, please donate to support his efforts. Thanks Dale!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - "Peggy," A Light Emitting Pegboard Display

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - "Peggy," A Light Emitting Pegboard Display
Remember those "Light-Bright" days?? Well, don't hold back from the chance to re-live them, geek-style that is. These guys have created a $80 kit that will allow you to create a 12" by 15" sign of LEDs. They've even choosen to use a controller chip that is 'hackable'. That is, they have published the code that would allow you to re-flash the chip to do different things. And if you're REALLY geeky, you can even utilize the 'extra/spare' I/O points of the ROM for any number of things. Wish I had the bucks to try it out.... one day...


Download Adobe Reader 9.0 without the extras

If you're like me, you don't care for all the extra apps that often come with basic 'free' software. Such as Yahoo toolbar with Java, or Adobe AIR with the Reader download.

The good thing is that many times the vendor creates versions that only have one application for enterprise use.

Adobe does this, however, it's not publicized. You just have to poke around on their FTP site to find it.

I'll save you the trouble with this one.

For Adobe Reader 9.0 only..
Download: AdbeRdr90_en_US_Std.exe

Hope this helps!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Magnetic guitar cables prevent pops, jack damage | Digital Noise: Music & Tech - CNET

Magnetic guitar cables prevent pops, jack damage | Digital Noise: Music & Tech - CNET

Being a musician and sound tech myself, I was intrigued by this creative solution to a very old problem. My one concern is how would it work if I DO put the cord through my strap??

Not bad for $20 bucks.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

IE7 Kiosk mode

So my daughter loves to play this great educational website If you have young ones I highly recommend it as a fun, learning to read, website.

Anyways I digress... so here's the trick. She still sorta clicks wildly so I created a shortcut on my desktop that will start IE7 in kiosk mode at

'right-click' and drag the existing IE shortcut on my start menu onto my desktop. Right click and ADD "-k" (no quotes) after the existing path. The full path looks like this ""C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -k"

Naturally you could set to any web address, and it does not prevent users from using Alt-F4 to close the browser.

If you're looking for more 'secure' kiosk options I highly recommend a product called KioWare as a software solution that will allow you to lock down and secure a PC for a 'web kiosk' type installation.



Monday, June 23, 2008

How to Make Vista Run Faster | Gizmo's Tech Support Alert

Check out this nice article by one of my favorite websites.

How to Make Vista Run Faster Gizmo's Tech Support Alert


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

USB Ubuntu 8.04 Persistent install from Live CD | USB Pen Drive Linux

Here's a tutorial on how to install Ubuntu 8.04 Herdy Heron to a USB Flash drive that will then be bootable and you can save your changes to it (aka persistant).

USB Ubuntu 8.04 Persistent install from Live CD | USB Pen Drive Linux

Check out the other cool linux apps that you can put on your flash drive at this site too...


Monday, June 16, 2008

Spread Firefox | Download Day 2008

Spread Firefox Download Day 2008

If you like Firefox 2 you're going to love 3. I've been testing it for weeks now and aside from being crazy fast with page loads, there's lots of other cool tools too!!

Check it out. Download 3 this Tuesday June 17th and help them set a World Record.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Torrent Relay - Download torrents without a client

Torrent Relay - Download torrents without a client: "Your torrent, where you need it.
Download your torrents anywhere to any device that supports viewing web pages (like this one does).
Its easy to get a file, its just a simple 5 step process.

Step 1: Find a torrent online.
Step 2: Save it, or copy its URL.
Step 3: Click Get / Get URL / Get ID.
Step 4: Set your download options.
Step 5: Choose your file and ENJOY!"


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wikisend: free file sharing service

Ever wanted to send a large file, but your email service wouldn't support it?? Check out this very simple, no registration required, file 'sending' service. Up to 100mb files accepted and if you click on properties you can name it, set it's 'lifespan' and even password protect it.

"Wikisend: free file sharing service: "Simple & Free Upload and download lots of files, big files, small files, data files, media files, archives or backups - any files. With Wikisend it`s simple and free. Share files with your friends using E-mail, MySpace page, your blog, forums and so on. With Wikisend sharing files, photos, videos or documents is easy, fast, and reliable.
No need to register, activate, install or read manuals - use our uploading form, you`re ready to go."


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to hack Firefox Add-Ons to work on FF3

FF3 is not official yet, but I love it and really want to use some extensions that are yet released for FF3.

Well, AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! you can 'hack' the add-on to 'potentialy' work in FF3 with the instructions below...

If you want to try it yourself, do this:
~Right-click the "add to firefox" button on the addon page and save the xpi file to your desktop or wherever.
~xpi files are really just zip files, so you can open the xpi in your favorite archive manager. Inside is a file called install.rdf. Extract this file somewhere and open it in a text editor.
~Change what's inside the tags from 2.0.0.* to 3.0.0.*, save the file and close it.
~Use your archive manager to add your updated install.rdf back into the xpi.
~Drag the updated xpi onto a running firefox window to install it as normal.

Yes, this trick works for any firefox add-on and no, you don't want to make a habit of it.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

How to correct "Toolbar configuration not found."

How to correct "Toolbar configuration not found. Context toolbar not found. Bookmark design needs update" error message.

I received this error on my Notes 6.5.4 client when I was playing around with Lotus Notes 8 (which is wicked awesome by the way) on another machine.

Thanks to google I found this solution and thought I'd share it...

Solution 1:
Delete the cache.NDK and make sure you have the most up to date bookmark template, replace the design of your bookmark db, THEN go to Toolbar Preferences and press the "Restore All Defaults" button on the Basics tab, obviously you lose your old bookmarks.
Solution 2:
Delete the cache.NDK rename your current bookmark.nsf to bookmark.old and restart Lotus Notes. It will create a new bookmark.nsf, obviously you lose your old bookmarks.

Note that you will loose your 'bookmarks' on the side bar, but your 'workspace' with all of your database links should remain intact.

courtesy of


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When delete is not enough....

Did you know that 'deleting' does not really delete the files?? Why do you think there is such a market for file 'undelete' software??

Use this Free Open Source application to safely and securly delete any file. File Shredder


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cool Free Wallpapers

Here is a nice site for free wallpapers...,3d.html On most of them, click on the picture until it's large and then right click and 'set as background' or 'save as'.


Thinking Rock software allows you to get your thoughts out so you can get it done...

Here's some useful software ( I just found. It provides a way to get your 'thoughts/ideas' out of you mind so that you can focus on actually getting things done.

I'll add more comments after I've used it a bit....

Quote from website: "Thinking Rock is a free software application for collecting and processing your thoughts following the GTD methodology. It is simple and easy to use - see our demos and manual.
A lot of our mental energy is directed towards trying to remember and manage all the things that we want or need to do. Thinking Rock will allow you to clear your mind so that you can become more proactive and concentrate on what is important to you. "


Great source for freeware software...

Looking for freeware but don't want to just install anything?? Check out It has software sorted by category and almost every piece gets some sort of review/recommendation.
Check it out!!

Quote from "A kind of Wikipedia® for Freeware"
There are a lot of great freeware products out there. Many are as good as or better than their commercial alternatives. This community-based site features our pick of the "best of the best."


How to run Firefox 3 and 2 at the same time.

If you're like me, you love Firefox and you can't wait for the full release of ver. 3 Problem is, if you try to run 3beta most add-ins don't work yet, and you might just hose what's already working for you.

Well, here is a solution that will allow you to run both versions side by side until you're ready to fully commit.

Create a New Profile:
You can create a profile exclusively for Firefox 3 in your Firefox 2 Profile Manager.
From your command prompt run:
c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -ProfileManager
Name it something like BetaTest so you know you are just testing it.

Download Firefox 3:
Download the latest Firefox 3 nightly build and install to a specific directory. (like c:\FF3)

Start Firefox 3:
Start Firefox 3 with the new 'profile' you created. The key here is the ‘-no-remote’ parameter as it makes Firefox start a second Firefox.exe process with the new profile.
From your command prompt run:
(firefox3 install directory)\firefox.exe -P DeleteMe -no-remote

You could also create a Desktop Shortcut and change the property of the shortcut so you don’t have to type it all in every time.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

How to charge your RAZR over USB...

So my mom was visiting and forgot her charger back home. Well I plugged it in with a basic mini-usb adapter I had for my mp3 player and it told me 'unsupported charger'... (we'll leave the rants about what I think about that for now...)

Anyway I googled and found this... thought others might find it useful as well.

(courtesy of

1. Download the driver, unzip to a folder.
2. Plug in phone with mini USB cable too computer USB port.
3. Will auto detect and ask for drivers.
4. Point install to folder and let it do its thing.
5. Your phone will now charge with a cheap mini USB cable.

I am not really sure where these drivers originated they have been on my PC for a while, but I am sure they are free and open source. For all of those surprised that I use a RAZR, keep in mind, mine is heavily modded and until I can get a smart phone in a smaller flip factor it will be phone of choice for no other reason than its light weight and durability.

Ok now for the drivers…

NOTE: Use at your own risk!!!
RAZR V3m :




Friday, May 23, 2008


So my first attempt to blog was called 'Stupid Fear'... and as excited as I was to start it, i've yet to post anything..

Anyways, The Geek 'N Me is going to be different. It will let me post geeky stuff and then a personal thoughts category for 'those moments'.

I hope someone finds it useful....


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