Sunday, May 25, 2008

How to charge your RAZR over USB...

So my mom was visiting and forgot her charger back home. Well I plugged it in with a basic mini-usb adapter I had for my mp3 player and it told me 'unsupported charger'... (we'll leave the rants about what I think about that for now...)

Anyway I googled and found this... thought others might find it useful as well.

(courtesy of

1. Download the driver, unzip to a folder.
2. Plug in phone with mini USB cable too computer USB port.
3. Will auto detect and ask for drivers.
4. Point install to folder and let it do its thing.
5. Your phone will now charge with a cheap mini USB cable.

I am not really sure where these drivers originated they have been on my PC for a while, but I am sure they are free and open source. For all of those surprised that I use a RAZR, keep in mind, mine is heavily modded and until I can get a smart phone in a smaller flip factor it will be phone of choice for no other reason than its light weight and durability.

Ok now for the drivers…

NOTE: Use at your own risk!!!
RAZR V3m :




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