Thursday, June 05, 2008

How to correct "Toolbar configuration not found."

How to correct "Toolbar configuration not found. Context toolbar not found. Bookmark design needs update" error message.

I received this error on my Notes 6.5.4 client when I was playing around with Lotus Notes 8 (which is wicked awesome by the way) on another machine.

Thanks to google I found this solution and thought I'd share it...

Solution 1:
Delete the cache.NDK and make sure you have the most up to date bookmark template, replace the design of your bookmark db, THEN go to Toolbar Preferences and press the "Restore All Defaults" button on the Basics tab, obviously you lose your old bookmarks.
Solution 2:
Delete the cache.NDK rename your current bookmark.nsf to bookmark.old and restart Lotus Notes. It will create a new bookmark.nsf, obviously you lose your old bookmarks.

Note that you will loose your 'bookmarks' on the side bar, but your 'workspace' with all of your database links should remain intact.

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