Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to hack Firefox Add-Ons to work on FF3

FF3 is not official yet, but I love it and really want to use some extensions that are yet released for FF3.

Well, AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! you can 'hack' the add-on to 'potentialy' work in FF3 with the instructions below...

If you want to try it yourself, do this:
~Right-click the "add to firefox" button on the addon page and save the xpi file to your desktop or wherever.
~xpi files are really just zip files, so you can open the xpi in your favorite archive manager. Inside is a file called install.rdf. Extract this file somewhere and open it in a text editor.
~Change what's inside the tags from 2.0.0.* to 3.0.0.*, save the file and close it.
~Use your archive manager to add your updated install.rdf back into the xpi.
~Drag the updated xpi onto a running firefox window to install it as normal.

Yes, this trick works for any firefox add-on and no, you don't want to make a habit of it.


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