Monday, July 28, 2008

Lost Garmin Mapsource CD

If you're like me, it's tough to keep track of your software CDs. This habit gave me grief recently when I could not find my Garmin Mapsource CD. Mind you this was not the full version of MapSource, it was simply the light version that allows you to download/upload information to/from your GPS.

Well here's a trick. You can use a Mapsource 'update' file to do a full install of MapSource. (Just like using a windows XP upgrade disk to do a full install of XP)

1)Go to, support, updates and downloads, mapping software, and download the Mapsource Update
~Now if you try to simply run the downloaded file, you will get an error about not having the previous version installed. No worries...
2)Change the file extension of the downloaded file to .zip and extract to a folder.
3)Run setup.exe to install MapSource
4)Manually install at least one mapset. (see my post FREE Garmin Maps)

Mind you this is only recommended if you rightfully deserve to use this product. (ie. by purchasing a Garmin device)


katiedid said...

Having lost my own copy of MapSource, I tried this today (12/2/08). When running setup.exe, it still said it couldn't find previous version and would not install. Drats! Even if I can somehow find my original copy, it would be about 7 years old and not something I want to install on my Vista system.

katidid said...

Found joy by first running MAIN.msi and then setup.exe. Thanks for setting me on the right path.

Brian Graham said...

Excellent!! Glad it worked for you.


Anonymous said...

Running the .msi worked great...thank you very much for sharing this tip.

Anonymous said...

Great tip - Thanks for the info.

robby1075 said...

Yes!! Thanks!! Worked great.

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