Friday, September 26, 2008

Universal Imaging Utility Error: U02099

We use this great Universal Imaging Utility at work called UiU by BigBang software. This is an application that when used in conjunction with your hard drive imaging software (i.e. Symantec Ghost, Altiris, ZenWorks, etc.) creates a disk image that can be successfully deployed to nearly any PC in your environment. A single Universal Image can now be deployed to desktops and laptops alike, regardless of HAL type, processor, PC make or model. Maintaining individual images for PCs from Dell, HP, IBM, etc. is no longer required. .

In short, it saves a massive driver database to the harddrive and then syspreps it for you. Once it shuts down you then use your favorite image utility to capture the 'universal image' that can be used on other pcs.

Today I had an error U02099 when attempting to run in on my latest 'base' image. Searches revealed nothing so I tried a few things and it turns out that the computer you are working on should have internet access when running the UiU process.

I simply plugged it into our ISP direct circuit and it's running as normal.


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