Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Workstation Name Changer

Problem: I need a way to script a rename of a xp workstation. I need to be able to use alternate credentials, use the ASSET tag from BIOS as the name, AND I want it to update it's name in AD as well.

Solution: I found this very handy application that will take care of pulling up the ASSET tag and updating the computer name locally and in AD. I can even use alternate credentials in the command line so that the rename in Active Directory will take place even if the user logging in does not have the rights to make those changes.

The program is called WSName and can be found here http://mystuff.clarke.co.nz/MyStuff/wsname.asp If the site is down you can download the program from here. Click here for documentation.

So, my setup is set to use a random name during sysprep/mini setup and then I have a 'postscript.bat' file that runs during the first logon that calls the wsname.exe with appropriate variables.

The Result: During the first login the computers will retrieve their service tags from BIOS and rename the computer locally and in AD. It's a beautiful thing. ;-)


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